refiners ready to toughen their strike ‘if it takes October 18’

Image credits: DAMIEN MEYER / AFP

Since Tuesday, employees at the Donges refinery have gone on strike following the government’s announcement of the requisitioning of strikers. These requisitions were rightly experienced as a real attack on the entire world of work. This Thursday they again decided to extend the strike until Tuesday, the day of the national interprofessional appeal launched by the CGT. The number of strikers does not weaken, with 70% at noon and 80% in the morning.

As a reminder, the management of Total last night received the unions in Paris to ratify an agreement far removed from the demands of the movement, and to try to reproduce the same method as at ExxonMobil. As Arnaud, operator for 17 years in the refinery and CGT union delegate, explains to us: “The CFDT’s and CFE-CGC’s signing of the agreements, which are not even part of the movement, caused great anger among the strikers. So we drove back!”.

For him, it is clear that Total has been beaten on the knuckles by the management: “We have never seen negotiations start at 10 p.m. It is obvious that the government is cornered by this movement, even as it aims to pass the pension reform. It’s time to hit hard! »

This morning, on the strike, many sectors of the working world came to support the refineries, far from the state’s propaganda, which aims to turn the population against the strikers. “There were cleaners, transport workers, nuclear power plant maintenance workers, teachers from vocational high schools, farmers… The media, which is on the side of the employers and the government, cannot divide us!”explains the union man.

Thus, the strike has been renewed, and although the strikers have not officially stopped the platform at the moment, shipments remain blocked. For Arnaud, if the movement continues, it is with a view to preparing a generalization of the strike: “Other industries have decided to go on strike, so the aim is to carry on for them and keep up the pressure until Tuesday to bring the fights together. Until Tuesday we are not loading any trucks! If it takes, we will raise the issue of complete cessation of production. Moreover, some colleagues are already ready to do so. »

In fact, many sectors have called to join the national strike movement next Tuesday, such as the railway workers of the Technical Center in Landy, who will be on continuous strike from the 17th, or even the workers of the nuclear power plants who are already on strike.

While many sectors of the working world are asking themselves the question of going on strike, the refineries are not giving up. In the Normandy refinery, the movement has also been renewed: the platform of the first refinery in France is still shut down.

The interprofessional date this Tuesday must be a support to launch a real general strike movement and to bend the government and the employers: “It is always difficult to make common dates, each sector strikes in turn, but there, on Tuesday, we have a common date for wages. Everyone has to go back, also to prepare to fight against the pension reform. » concludes Arnaud.

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