“Ready to supply Chilean cherries to European retail”

Brothers Jacques Luteijn (Growers Packers) and André Luteijn (Aurora Australis) have teamed up to supply Chilean cherries to the retail trade in Europe.

The two brothers grew up together on a fruit farm in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands), where sustainability and the importance of quality fruit to satisfy the consumer were taught by their father.

Jacques specializes in the distribution of fresh berries, cherries and pears in Europe. André has been growing and packing premium cherries and other fruits from Chile for over 30 years, exporting them mainly to Asia, especially China.

With a production capacity of over 20 containers of cherries per day, Aurora Australis is one of the biggest players in the cherry market.

Chilean cherries in winter for the European consumer
At the moment, the main production areas are in full bloom. The fruit set of the first cherries in the early zones is looking good. Production growth of around 20% is expected in the coming season. The cold winter has ensured a sufficient number of cold hours, which benefits the fruit set. In addition, the growth of new young producing plantations and the strong flower buds resulting from a balanced production in 2021 contribute to the expected production growth for the 2022 harvest.

With the further expansion of packaging machines to pack into consumer-facing packages at the state-of-the-art packing station in Chile, Aurora is now fully ready to deliver to the European retail trade. Most cherries are of excellent quality on the trees, but getting them to the consumer is a job for specialists.

The know-how accumulated over the last 30 years in the cultivation and packaging of cherries, combined with optimal post-harvest treatments, must ensure the best possible quality on the market.

For example, cherries are harvested in picking buckets that are only emptied into water at the packing station to minimize ‘pitting’.

The sorting line is equipped with the latest software and cameras that film each cherry several times to judge its color and quality, to automatically classify it in the right category.

All our products are available under the label of your choice, in the packaging of your choice. Standard packaging is 2.5 kg and 5 kg cardboard boxes.

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