Ready to hit the streets on October 18 in Clermont-Ferrand

How many will parade through the streets of Clermont-Ferrand this Tuesday, October 18? Hard to say. But for Ghislain Dugourd, general secretary of the CGT branch union Puy-de-Dôme, the mobilization should be important and more massive than that of September 29, which according to him brought together 3,000 people.

Transport, schools, health, shops, services, Michelin employees, county council employees… a large number of professional groups are encouraged to mobilize, at the request of the various trade unions.

Railway workers, Michelin staff, National Education staff…

The railway workers, who were supposed to meet in Paris on October 18, will finally be mobilized on their territory. Education and vocational training staff meet at 10 o’clock in front of the rector’s office.

“We have an appointment at 10 a.m. in Place Delille and we will join them to finish the procession together to the Prefecture”, clarifies Ghislain Dugourd.

The special thing this time is that we got calls from employees of small companies – less than 50 employees – who asked us how to strike, how it works… We think it will be better than September 29 and yet better than March 17, there are a lot of strike calls.

“Emerging Anger”

Because on the ground the anger is sprouting, he believes: “The fight between refiners crystallizes a little of everything that is happening in France at the moment, compared to CAC40 companies, which only increase their profits, despite the Covid crisis, despite the war in Ukraine, despite the economic crisis. So inevitably behind it, it creates a nascent anger and justifies seeing that a minimum monopolizes the wealth, while a maximum of people “break the record”, find it harder and harder to find accommodation, that eat, have major concerns about how to warm themselves this winter with the increase in energy bills.

CGT continues the strike on TotalEnergie’s sites, Macron promises to “do the maximum”… Follow the situation live

A breeding ground for the rising social anger.

Within the companies, we have a lot of feedback from the trade unions, who are again asking for negotiations to be initiated to adjust the increases that have been negotiated, at least up to inflation.

Trains or schools disrupted

If the T2C tram and buses were not to be affected, traffic would be very seriously disrupted in the trains, especially at the level of Intercités and TER. Also in several Clermont schools you can expect disruptions with regard to childcare.

Trip. The participants in the interprofessional event have an appointment at 10.00 Place Delille in Clermont-Ferrand. They will then take the direction of boulevard Trudaine towards the universities, then boulevard François-Mitterrand, before going up through the Rectorate to take the direction of boulevard Desaix and the prefecture. If the procession is really important, it could then gather at Jaude, for the speeches.

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