Ready to face November’s gray weather?

Autumn is well underway: the cold, grayness and darkness are gaining ground. We unequivocally acknowledge this time of year which is more difficult for many people to go through.

Therefore, Mélanie Nadeau, a young woman from the region, decided to curb this unfortunate trend by offering completely free activities in a private group she created on Facebook under the name Discovery challenge.

Seven days

From October 24 to 30, interviews with health and wellness professionals, tools to help take care of yourself and get energized, and live animation of physical activities such as yoga and meditation will be published. More than a dozen speakers will be there. To make life easier for people with busy schedules, these video clips will be available for two consecutive weeks.

“To live is a privilege”

Mélanie Nadeau started her business in 2021 with the goal of helping men and women take care of themselves, live life to the fullest and make themselves the first priority in life. “You have to respect the chance you have to be alive, because it is a privilege. We all go through hard times at one point or another, and I want to give people the tools they need to get through those phases better…” Ms. Nadeau explains.

Since then, the entrepreneur has organized various group retreats – of up to three days – discovery activities and web events. In October, the “Moms Retreat at Parc des Appalaches” was a real success. The women who live in the Micro-Chalets des Appalaches were introduced to hypnosis, yoga and meditation. They hiked to Mount Sugar Loaf, ate a healthy brunch at Bistreau d’érable and participated in an ecstatic dance.

“There are so many tired mothers who forget themselves, who experience daily stress, who sometimes feel anxious, who are out of breath from running left and right, and who feel like they are on life support. I wanted to give them the chance to rest, clear their minds, recharge their batteries, recharge their batteries, have fun and reconnect with themselves.They returned home with a smile, great energy and more tools in their pocket to take care of them in the daily.”

During an activity on the “Journée de l’audace”.
A few participants at the Mothers’ Retreat.

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