Rather than stigmatizing job seekers, let’s favor universal and protective unemployment insurance! – Liberation


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As the government prepares to further tighten the rules, another unemployment insurance reform is possible, say parliamentarians from Nupes. We must return to its original philosophy: open up rights to compensation from the first day of job loss, without a waiting period, fight underuse of the benefit, improve its minimum amount and, above all, innovate by creating an independent unemployment insurance steering group.

An extra stroke of the penknife in our social rights. The government is preparing to once again tighten the unemployment insurance “reform” it has been carrying out since 2019. In a denial of reality, while all studies show that cutting the rights of the unemployed does not facilitate their return to work. they are set up as convenient scapegoats in these times of crisis.

We, parliamentarians of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes), will fight resolutely against this unacceptable reform, which hijacks the philosophy of unemployment insurance and ignores “social dialogue”.

Let’s already remember that the unemployment insurance reform implemented since 2019 has caused an average loss of 155 euros per month for 1.15 million beneficiaries! But the government closes its eyes and announces that it will tighten the access conditions, reduce the duration of the compensation or even reduce the amount. Taking inspiration from the “Canadian model”, he states that…


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