Rambouillet’s Restos du Coeur is ready for winter

The deadline was originally set for the end of 2021. On this date, Restos du Coeur initially had to vacate the premises they occupy at the top of rue Clemenceau to enable the realization of a real estate program. In the absence of a backup solution in a city where every free m² is highly sought after, the Restaurants have not moved. “We have very understanding interlocutors”, Michel Rocheteau rejoices. It is therefore the same premises, both sober and warm, that the regulars of Restos du Coeur found on 22 November for the first distribution of the winter campaign.

Restos du Coeur on the front line to fight the uncertainty in Eure-et-Loir

The first contacts portend a season similar to the previous one, with 400 registered giving rise to 2,000 to 2,200 weekly meals, but the situation could still change. Registrations continue in the first ten days of December.

In Chartres, the homeless are more under looting

Restos du Coeur de Rambouillet is not limited to this aspect of solidarity. Since the most ancient times, which date back to the early 1990s, they have endeavored not to consider their visitors solely from the angle of uncertainty, but intend to open perspectives for them or at least help them go out.

The group of friends at the Rambouillet hospital is in favor of the creation of a health center

Yoga, legal assistance, job search assistance, sewing are among the services offered by the group of volunteers. All in great fun.

Energy poverty in the background
Michel Rocheteau, who has been in charge of the Rambolitan branch of Restos du Coeur since 2013, the year he succeeded Michel Boudet, has observed an expansion of the public of recipients. He particularly notes the inclusion of students among the people who report, rue Clemenceau, to receive help. At the moment, energy poverty is only in the background, but the volunteers expect to see families hit hard by rising energy costs. “In the evaluation of the needs of the people who contact us, we include the average expenses for a year for water, gas, electricity”, states Michel Rocheteau.

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