Purchasing power: Pet insurance premiums are also on the rise


purchasing powerInsurance premiums for pets are also on the rise

The Epona company has changed its policyholders’ contracts, indicating that four-legged friends are costing more and more in healthcare costs.

Originally created to insure livestock, Epona now covers the health costs of around 40,000 animals in Switzerland, including pets. Except that the latter are more and more and cost more and more expensive in veterinary fees, “Le Matin Dimanche” reveals. Insurance profitability has therefore been halved between 2020 and 2021. Vaudoise bought the fund and got rid of its least profitable customers, condemns the French consumer association (FRC).

Quoted by the weekly, Jennifer*, for example, saw her premium go from 900 to 2,300 fr., while Alice*, who also saw her costs rise, notes that the company took eight months to reimburse her for a bill of 6,000 fr. , an experience shared by many Internet users. The FRC confirms that it has received several complaints. Challenged, Epona explains that it operates in a very young market where the right price has not yet been reached, in contrast to other European countries. It also specifies that the increases implemented since 2021 apply to all its customers.

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