Professional press release Pensions: ready for mobilization

The ongoing hearings on our pension system have been a new opportunity for the trade unions to make proposals, none of which require parametric reform. The pay-as-you-go system is not in danger, not even for the younger generations. The government is taking advantage of the financial situation of the pension system and falsely claims that it is necessary to raise the legal retirement age.

The first arbitration cases would thus be made in this direction from mid-December. At a time when the social, environmental and economic context is particularly difficult for a growing part of the population, the government, by being stubborn, would bear full responsibility for a major social conflict.

The professional organizations reaffirm that, like the vast majority of the population, they are strongly against any extension of the legal retirement age and any increase in the contribution period. Young people who are already strongly affected by precariousness will be strongly affected by this project. For inter-union, alternatives exist, including economic ones, to improve the end of the career and pension amounts while reducing inequalities that affect women in particular.

Trade unions and youth organizations have already decided to meet again on the day of the government’s announcements. They reaffirm their willingness to build the mobilizations together, especially through a first date of unity mobilization with strikes and demonstrations in January, if the government remains steadfast on its project.

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