Professional insurance: with Stello, no more “if I had known”!

Customized insurance, online, in 3 minutes

More than 20 years of insurance expertise has given François-Xavier Combe a solid knowledge of business and their issues. This adventurer-entrepreneur at heart, as a manager, has always had the ambition to “protect the professionals, the freelancers, the self-employed with the right equipment. »

In order to understand the key digital role, in 2018 he founded the startup Easyblue and developed a professional insurance platform 100% online. In collaboration with Axa, Hiscox, Qonto and other key players, the site offers a simple and competitive offer.

Became Stello in 2022 after raising 5 million euros, the startup now has 36 employees between Paris and Aix-en-Provence. It has more than 10,000 customers spread over more than 500 very different professions – from yoga teachers to craft bakers and consulting professions.

To disrupt the market with technology

Today, 50% of entrepreneurs do not take out insurance due to a lack of information. They are focused on developing their activity, constantly overwhelmed by especially time-consuming administrative and related tasks. The self-employed do not take the insurance profession into their own hands and accept to take risks. Until the day when…

Stello has tackled this problem and responds to it with advanced technology. Half of its team is dedicated to research and development. Its only goal: to imagine a product that allows entrepreneurs to save time. Time saving goes through simplification, and this goes digital. The platform allows you to subscribe to a Professional responsibility in 3 minutes (RCpro). A pioneer in the field, the startup also launched the first professionally mutual 100% digital and customizable, subscription in 8 minutes compared to about 15 days process normally.

Proximity, in fact

Although it is easy to subscribe online, dialogue and benevolent support remain the heart of the customer relationship. Trained in effective pedagogy, the 10 expert advisers focus on the essentials : decipher the needs to propose a customized solution. One rule: Always be as transparent as possible about what the insurance covers and, above all, about what it does not cover. The accompaniment individualized gives Stello the opportunity to better adapt its offer. “The important thing is that a customer can smile after every disaster”, explains François-Xavier, the founder.

Fundraising, double digit growth… yes, but it’s not about moving away from your community. The team therefore offers ongoing discussion times to its customers. Each time it is an opportunity to re-explain why the entrepreneur or freelancer is covered and to update the coverage according to the evolution of its structure. These highlights also allow the community to participate in important decisions. For example, during the rebranding, it was the customers who chose the new company name: 65% of the participants voted for “Stello”.

Development areas

The startup intends to go further. It now wants to take steps towards risk prevention and management as a whole, beyond its own area of ​​expertise. Finally, it will be necessary to be able to alert the company to the slightest worrying signal that could compromise its proper functioning.

Stello and its R&D department work on new products, including bringing together the activities of all business partners with the aim of saving time for the entrepreneur, guarantee its independence and security. The goal for the next two years: help with risk management thanks to the development of an intelligent and automated alarm in all areas. You can trust a company that has a 98% customer satisfaction rate. Stello, the lucky star among the professionals!

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