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Lowest administrative costs: not one of the big health insurance companies in the top 3

In terms of administrative costs, there are large differences between the health funds: With 105.30 francs spent on this item per insured person in 2021, Krankenkasse Luzerner Hinterland is the most efficient. At the other end of the spectrum, the Krankenkasse Institut Ingenbohl is the least efficient, with these costs amounting to 849 francs. These are the results of an analysis carried out by “Furthermore, no major health insurance company manages to climb onto the efficiency stool. This is fantastic given their mass activity,” says Felix Schneuwly, health insurance expert at Comparis.

Zurich, 13 October 2022 – Current data from the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) show that the administrative costs of the 50 health funds amounted to an average of 5.2% of the premium amount in 2021, i.e. 197 65 francs per person, against 4.9% the previous year (184.10 francs). This year, Comparis, the online comparator, has also looked at the relationship between administrative costs and premiums.

Krankenkasse Luzerner Hinterland, the year’s most efficient fund 2021

This analysis shows that Krankenkasse Luzerner Hinterland was the most efficient fund in 2021. It increased its administrative costs by 0.70 francs compared to the previous year (which went from 104.60 to 105.30 francs) and set aside 2.7% for administration costs per On average, its customers paid CHF 3,585 in basic insurance premiums there.

In second place in the ranking comes the Sumiswalder Krankenkasse, whose administrative costs have fallen from 99.55 to 108.10 francs per insured person. With 118 francs per per capita (i.e. 0.70 francs less than in 2020), Sodalis Gesundheitsgruppe comes in third place among the most efficient funds in the year 2021.

“No major health fund manages to climb onto the efficiency stool. This is fantastic given their mass activity,” says Felix Schneuwly, health insurance expert at Comparis. He finds it worrying that none of the ten largest health insurance companies in this highly digitized mass activity are at the top of the curve. For him, this result highlights the small regional funds, which are not crushed by the weight of the hierarchical structure.

43.2% higher premiums at the least efficient funds

In 2021, the Krankenkasse Institut Ingenbohl fund was, as in previous years, the fund with the highest administrative costs. It spent 848 francs per insured person on administration, i.e. 182.60 francs more than the previous year. Last year, members paid an average of 5,134.20 francs in premiums, or 743.50 francs (or 43.2%) more than Krankenkasse Luzerner Hinterland.

In the 25% of funds with the highest administrative costs in 2021 were various small and medium-sized insurance companies such as Avenir Assurance Maladie SA, Vivao Sympany AG, Mutuel Assurance Maladie SA and KPT Krankenkasse AG. “An insurance company can temporarily have high administrative costs, for example because it invests a lot in digitalisation. But for the large funds to be permanent, there is something wrong,” comments the expert.

Glarner Krankenversicherung uses the lowest average premiums

Last year, people affiliated with Glarner Krankenversicherung paid the lowest health insurance premiums, namely 3007.90 francs on average. With administrative costs of 280.95 francs per

Sanagate SA comes in second with an average premium of 3043.20 francs and administrative costs of 121.75 francs. Sanagate, a CSS subsidiary, merged with Arcosana, another CSS subsidiary, in January 2022. Arcosana will merge with CSS in January 2023.

In third place among the funds with the most affordable prices, Sanaval’s Gesundheitskasse charged an average premium of 3056.55 francs. Last year, Sanaval’s Gesundheitskasse spent 162.85 francs per person to cover its administrative costs. “If the administrative costs are high, but the premiums are low, it means that the customer’s money is generally well invested”, explains F. Schneuwly.

People insured at the Krankenkasse Institut Ingenbohl paid the most premiums

With 5134.15 francs, the average annual premium for the Krankenkasse Institut Ingenbohl was the highest of all in 2021. In terms of efficiency, this health fund ranks 50th and last, with administrative costs of 848.80 francs per person.

People insured with Mutuel Assurance Maladie SA paid only less, namely 4,466.35 francs. With administrative costs of 260.90 francs per per capita, the fund is among the 25% least efficient. Third most expensive fund in 2021: Moove Sympany SA, with an average premium of 4,437.35 francs and administrative costs of 261.65 francs. “That insurance companies with high administrative costs and premiums do not lose more affiliations reflects a certain irrationality in customers’ decisions,” says F. Schneuwly.

Increase in administrative costs of 15.7%

Between 2017 and 2021, the administrative costs per person on average from 170.90 to 197.65 francs per insured person (+15.7%). In the same period, premiums rose from 3605 to 3788 francs (+5%). “If administrative costs rise more strongly than premiums, despite competition and digitization, it is due to perverse regulations that increase the administrative burden for insurance companies and providers of medical services”, explains the Comparis expert.

Compare the Efficiency price

In order to better reflect the efforts of the health insurance funds to improve their administrative management, the online comparator has been awarding an efficiency award since 2015. The Swiss health insurance funds show the least expensive administration.

In this ranking, a health fund is considered efficient when it is among the 25% of health insurance companies with the lowest administrative costs. The administration costs are calculated in francs per insured person.

For the year 2021, the efficiency threshold is 162.88 francs per insured person. The figures are based on the latest surveillance data on mandatory health insurance (AOS), published each year by the Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP). Status autumn 2022.

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