Pregnant women and young mothers: what support from health insurance?

CPAM of Seine-et-Marne supports pregnant women and young mothers (© CPAM of Seine-et-Marne)

The declaration of pregnancy

Once the pregnancy is confirmed, a first prenatal examination is carried out by a doctor (general practitioner or gynecologist) or a midwife. At the end of this examination, the doctor or midwife submits the pregnancy declaration online. This declaration must be made before the end of 3. month of pregnancy and the Vitale card must be updated.

Personal pregnancy support

After receiving the declaration of pregnancy, the health insurance sends future mothers a letter inviting them to consult the prevention section of their ameli account, where a lot of information is available: the “My maternity” guide, a calendar adapted to medical examinations…

Pregnancy follow-up at My health room

Pregnant women benefit from support and medical monitoring throughout their pregnancy. In My Health Area, they can add useful information to their care with just a few clicks and share their care history with the health professionals of their choice.

Care management

Mandatory medical examinations as part of pregnancy monitoring are 100% covered, in particular: mandatory prenatal consultations, childbirth and parenting preparation sessions. One ultrasound is planned per trimester to monitor the growth and health of the unborn child: the first two ultrasound examinations performed before the end of the 5th month of pregnancy are covered by 70%, and the 3rd ultrasound, from the 6th month of pregnancy, is 100% covered. From the 1st day of the 6th month of pregnancy to the 12th day after the birth, all eligible medical expenses (medicines, analyses, laboratory tests, hospitalisation) are covered at 100% with remission of costs in advance (third-party payment), possibly or not they are related to the pregnancy.

Help with maternity registration

To help women who find it difficult to register for maternity to give birth in the coming months, or who cannot find professionals to monitor their pregnancy, the Ile-de-France Regional Health Agency has created a support unit for maternity registration and pregnancy follow-up ( AIMA). Learn more

Accommodation and transport for pregnant women who live more than 45 minutes from a maternity hospital

Pregnant women who live more than 45 minutes’ drive from a maternity ward can benefit from non-medical accommodation for five consecutive nights prior to their expected due date. In the event of a pathological pregnancy, this service can be offered at any time and extended after medical advice. The pregnant woman can also benefit from transport between her home and this residence. These services are covered by the health insurance.

The birth certificate

The birth certificate for a child must be done soon after its birth or its arrival in the home within the framework of an adoption. This declaration can be submitted online in the ameli account under My procedures. This allows the child’s health expenses to be covered. On receipt of a notification that the statement has been taken into account, the Vitale card must be updated (at a pharmacy, for example).

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Attach your child to both parents’ Vitale cards

To simplify the process, it is advisable to add the child to both parents’ Vitale cards, regardless of the family situation (married, PACS, divorced). Thus, one or the other parent can show their Vitale card during a consultation and get it reimbursed more quickly. The process is also performed on the ameli account.

Baby blues and postpartum depression: a preventive conversation now mandatory

“Baby blues” affects 50 to 80% of women who give birth, and 10 to 20% of mothers are affected by postpartum depression. To better support young mothers, they are systematically offered an early postnatal consultation. It can be performed by a midwife or doctor between the 4th and 8th week after birth.

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