Practical insurance. School and leisure trips; What insurance for your children?

The school insurance agreement also protects the journey between home and school, back and forth, and it can also offer additional guarantees: extortion or various thefts, etc. Ministry of the Interior’s photo.

Let’s start with the insurance offered by parents’ associations or traditional insurance companies: school insurance. It is not mandatory, except… For mandatory school activities (recorded in the schedule), such as the swimming pool, insurance is optional.

In return, school insurance will be requested for optional activities (museum visits, etc.), for use of the canteen or for leisure activities – cultural or sporting – organized outside school hours.

Which cover?

School insurance protects your child against injuries caused or suffered at school, high school or high school. It is not valid during holidays, on days off or at home. The civil liability covers damages caused by the child, and the “personal accident” guarantee covers damages suffered by the child, including if he injures himself.

There are mainly two guarantees: “school and travel” and “school and after-school”. The school and the trip is the most economical, but the coverage of the trip is the most direct route, while the second formula covers all trips.

The scooter up to 50 cm3 is available to children from the age of 14, as long as they have an AM driving license.  Photo DR.

The scooter up to 50 cm3 is available to children from the age of 14, as long as they have an AM driving license. Photo DR.

Using a motorized two-wheeler

The electric scooter that is still very popular is an EDPM (motorized personal transport device) available from 12 years. It is covered by the liability insurance included in your HRM (comprehensive home insurance) in connection with damage caused to third parties.

If your child is responsible for the accident, the coverage of a damage guarantee will save you from paying the cost of repairing the scooter, and a personal injury coverage will be a good help.

For two-wheeled motorcycles such as scooters (the driving of which is permitted from 14 years of age with an AM driving license, which replaced the BSR from 19 January 2013), the law requires motor liability insurance to be taken out in order to drive any motor vehicle.

Commuter accident

In the event of an accident during school transport (school bus or excursion organized by the school), the transporter’s insurance will step in to compensate the damage to your child. Compensation can also be paid in accordance with the school insurance agreement under the accident guarantee.

If your child is hit by a car on the way to school, the car insurance will pay; the insurance you have taken out for personal injury (including school insurance) may entitle you to additional compensation.

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