Plan Eparmil 2022 life insurance: 5 reasons to adopt it

Plan Eparmil life insurance is an insurance contract whereby the amount invested by the customer is fully invested in a support called “funds in euros”.

This type of life insurance contract is gaining more and more traction with the general public for many reasons.

But what are the real reasons why it should be subscribed to? Here is an article that discusses the topic in great detail.

Plan Eparmil life insurance: a safe option

The first point to raise with the Plan Eparmil insurance contract is the safety. You should know that the AGPM group enjoys a good reputation among the public.

Such structures always have a keen interest in providing high-quality services, as it is a major factor affecting their turnover.

It is also possible to get more information about the “safety” component by reading agpm life insurance reviews.

The other thing is that the group responsible for life insurance is very accessible. The offer has advantages in relation to:

  • Security;
  • Prices;
  • Reliability;
  • The quality.

An online platform

This you should know The AGPM group has an online platform that enables it to offer its products and services to a very wide audience. Something like this allows the operator to be closer to his customers and create an interaction with them.

Interaction in this sense implies greater user participation and therefore greater accessibility of their opinions. Thus, it is possible to consult their opinions to get a clear idea about the quality of the products and services offered in terms of life insurance.

A first choice product

You should know that the “Plan Eparmil” product from the AGPM group is a reference and is recognized in many respects. It also regularly receives accolades from savings experts and the media.

For example, there is “Le Revenu”, which awarded it in 2022 Insurance contracts gold trophy. He also holds the title of Label Excellence from Dossiers de l’Épargne.

Plan Eparmil life insurance: an option without the risk of loss

You should know that Plan Eparmil life insurance is one of the best guarantees in Europe. The AGPM group offers a “mono-support” insurance option.

The capital on which the client therefore decides to place an amount with the structure responsible for investing it on a fully guaranteed support bearing the name “eurofund”. Most of this amount is invested in bonds.

Unlike “multi-support” life insurance contracts, the “mono-support” contract presents zero risk of loss to the customer.. The amounts are therefore deposited in “units of account”, which will depend on the development of the markets.

Plan Eparmil life insurance: capital that can be used as the customer wishes

It is important to know that the management of the funds invested in the life insurance contract is manageable according to the goodwill of the investor. The limit on funds to invest is actually only valid in one direction. You must invest at least €50, but there is no upper limit for customers. Initially, such terms make the offer accessible to almost all types of budgets. In addition to the flexibility that this component of Eparmil life insurance represents, the customer has many privileges regarding the management of his investment.

A food according to the customer’s wishes

When the customer invests an amount in the AGPM group’s Eparmil life insurance, he is allowed to change the amount as he wishes. He can decide to increase or withdraw an amount from his capital whenever he wants. He therefore has the option of doing it often or more or less occasionally. The group responsible for the offer also allows him to redeem part or all of his assets whenever he wants.

Plan Eparmil life insurance: premium return

Through its Plan Eparmil offer, the AGPM group offers a return well above the market average through its “euro fund”. For example, they achieved a return of 1.70% in 2021 before social contributions. Such a rate is clearly above what is offered both at the level of traditional banks and those online.

Plan Eparmil life insurance: a subscription process

To subscribe to Plan Eparmil life insurance, simply go to the AGPM website. The next step is to fill out a form and wait to be called back by an AGPM advisor.

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