Pixel 7 is already taken in hand, Google must remove an IPTV application from the Play Store, the summary

Although its launch is not expected for several months, the Pixel 7a is already in hand. Google was forced to withdraw an IPTV application on Android. The Tesla Semi is equipped with an ingenious system to fit the huge batteries, that’s the summary.

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The Pixel 7a will be presented at Google I/O 2023 next May, but a video has already revealed a first grip of the smartphone. Google, for its part, was forced by the courts to remove a pirated IPTV player from the Play Store following a complaint from La Liga. Finally, images from Tesla’s catalog revealed how the automaker managed to use such large batteries in its first electric truck. Come on, let’s recap the day of January 3, 2023.

The Pixel 7a has already been spotted in the wild ahead of its launch

As is often the case with all Google products, the Pixel 7a has already been leaked, while its presentation is not expected for several months. A video taken in the hand of a prototype has been passed on social networks and we can discover the whole design of the smartphone, but also certain technical characteristics. For example, it confirms the use of a 90 Hz monitor.

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Google is forced to remove an IPTV application from the Google Play Store

Following a complaint from La Liga, the Spanish soccer league, Google was forced to remove an application from its Play Store on Android. This is the IPTV Smarters Pro application, a pirate player that provided free access to various paid channels broadcasting football matches. However, this judgment only concerns Spain. IPTV Smarters Pro is therefore still available in France on Android smartphones.

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Photos of Tesla Semi components reveal where the batteries are

On Twitter, the green hottie posted pictures of various components of the Tesla Semi, the first all-electric truck from Elon Musk’s company. On these, we see in particular how Tesla managed to fit a 900 kWh battery under the driver’s cabin. It can be seen that the batteries are nine in number and that they do not all have the same shape.

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