Perpignan: without license, without insurance, he was intercepted with 359 cartridges of cigarettes, 92 cartridges of shisha tobacco and 42 boxes of tobacco

The events took place on the night between Sunday 23 October and Monday 24 October in Perpignan.

Booty fitted out for the police and night rescue unit and the dog brigade, unearthed on the night of Sunday 23rd to Monday 24th October. It is 2.40am when the officers are stationed at the roundabout from Rotterdam to Perpignan for a road check. They intercept a vehicle, a Peugeot 307. The driver stops and complies. Immediately, the agents discovered a lot of merchandise in the vehicle, cigarette cartons at first glance. The man explains that the car does not belong to him. He would have picked it up from the Soler side and had to take it to Montpellier. Without knowing more.

At 03:00 he was arrested and taken to the police station. Like the vehicle. The car is being inspected by the judicial police. 359 cartons of cigarettes as well as 92 cartons of shisha tobacco and 42 boxes of one-kilo tobacco were discovered. When purchased, at Spanish prices, the exchange amounts to €22,263.

The person was taken into custody for “possession of processed tobacco without regular supporting documents considered to be contraband“. This 34-year-old man, born in Algeria, had neither a driver’s license nor insurance. He was also in an irregular situation.

The Prefecture ordered a commitment to leave France (OQTF). He was already known for similar facts.

The man was due to appear in court in Perpignan on October 25.

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