Pension reform, unemployment insurance, inheritance law … What to remember from “8:30 franceinfo” by Laurent Berger

“Postponing the legal age for us is not an option”, declares Laurent Berger, Secretary General of the CFDT on franceinfo. The association participates in the hearings with the government on the pension reform, if not “that would be crazy” to the extent “workers’ lawyer”. Here’s what to remember from 8:30 France info.

“It would be absolutely crazy” not to participate in the pension hearing

Laurent Berger expresses his opinion “satisfaction with having a consultation room, which is a bit short, but at the same time we don’t want to discuss with an hour glass on the table. We take our time for discussion”. “There is no fire at the lake”he assures.

He recalls his opposition to the postponement of the retirement age: “For us it is not an option”he says. “It’s a false possibility” and “a bad option because it punishes the most humble workers first”.

But the CFDT remains open to dialogue: “It’s not about saying ‘we don’t want to touch anything at all. We don’t want to discuss anything at all'”.

Hiring seniors: if companies don’t “play the game”, they must “go through restraint mechanisms”

Laurent Berger highlights the example of Sweden, where “We have 70% of people still working before retirement. In our country we only have 30%. It’s a real problem.”.

“It requires incentive and perhaps punishment” against companies that don’t play the game. He condemns “a kind of schizophrenia, also on the part of French employers, which means ‘we have to postpone the legal retirement age and at the same time we fire seniors'”.

Unemployment insurance: conditioning the duration of the payment of benefits to the economic situation “will be completely ineffective”

“It will be totally ineffective and dogmatic” to condition the duration of the payment of benefits to the economic situation that the government wants to do, responds Laurent Berger. The reform of the unemployment insurance fund will be considered from Monday to the national meeting.

He recalls that the obstacles to returning to work are too “30%, the mismatch between education and the need for employment; secondly, a problem with the attractiveness of occupations; and thirdly, that jobs are not necessarily available in the places where jobseekers are. use”.

Inheritance rights: CFDT wants to “tax more the transfer of inheritance”

Laurent Berger, national secretary of the CFDT, shows himself “favorable” that we put the question of inheritance on the table for “more tax on the transmission of inheritance”in contrast to an amendment tabled by Aurore Bergé (Renaissance) which aims to lower them. “50% of the French heritage is owned by 10% of the population” and therefore treasure more, “it would be a real social measure”.

Energy crisis: “We must create partial unemployment” for wage earners

Laurent Berger wants us to help companies in difficulty in light of the energy crisis, but “we must create partial unemployment” for employees. “They will not have to pay for this energy crisis by partial unemployment which will be imposed on them and which would not be compensated up to the full amount of their wages”argues the union official.

Find the full 8:30 France info by Laurent Berger against Salhia Brakhlia and Marc Fauvelle:

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