Pension reform: are the French ready? – 20 hour diary

Work, but until when and under what conditions? Sarah feels ready to go up to a maximum of 65 years. After several years as an employee in management, at 29, she converted again and resumed law school. She agrees to extend the retirement age on the condition that there is more support for retraining. He has more than 30 years to work. For her, being able to try more subjects is the key. Caroline is a 48-year-old salesperson. She also doesn’t mind working anymore. But you still have to find work after a certain age. She thinks she only has a few months left if she wants to change jobs or companies. “Either we switch between 45 and 50, that’s fine. After that, it’s screwed up. Nobody is interested in having old people. Already one, we have to pay dearly for them. People who hire fifty-year-olds have much less costs “, she expresses herself. Today, almost every second Frenchman is unemployed when he asks for his retirement pension. What about the arduous nature of certain jobs? Francis knows a lot about it, he was a labor sociologist for 47 years. “I have met people who, from the age of 50, said they feel injured. According to him, support is needed so that difficult jobs do not last a lifetime. A question arises, will the criteria that define difficulty at work remain same in case of new reforms TF1 | Reportage J. Corbillon, J. Clouzeau


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