Pension reform: 48% of managers say they are ready to demonstrate and 42% to go on strike, according to a survey – 09/26/2022 at 14:53

Protesters march with CGT signs on May 1, 2022 in Toulouse. (AFP / VALENTINE CHAPUIS)

According to a poll by Viavoice with the company Secafi, commissioned by UGICT-CGT and revealed by France Info on Monday, September 26, 48% of managers say they are ready to demonstrate to defend their retirement.

The pension reform promises heated debates. The executive will “before the end of the week” decide whether to include it in its budget texts, which will be presented on Monday 26 September in the Council of Ministers. Reform

not unanimously

with parliamentarians, the government does not rule out resorting to section 49.3 of the constitution.

The street is obviously not spared from the tensions either. According to a Viavoice survey with the Secafi company, commissioned by the UGICT-CGT and disclosed by

France info

this Monday, September 26

48% of managers

say they are ready to demonstrate to defend their retirement and

42% could even go on strike.

In addition, some unions are organizing a day of strike and demonstration on Thursday.

56% for a legal retirement age of 60

Other key figures from this study:

82% of managers

want their retirement pension to be at least 75% of their final salary. At the legal departure age, they are more than half,

56%, wanting to leave at 60,

taking into account the years of study.

According to Sophie Binet, deputy general secretary of the CGT for leaders, “this population

no longer feel welcome in the company,

aware of the place they have been given”, quotes

france news,

also highlights workers’ “mental wear and tear” after 60 years.

This Monday d


Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne confirmed that there would be a “gradual shift in the effective retirement age” but that the executive “had not planned to change the age for the full rate” automatically at age 67. She also assured that she

would push for “the search for compromise”

, on pensions as in the budget proposal for 2023 presented today, without excluding the application of article 49.3 of the constitution, which allows the adoption of a text without a vote, except for a vote of no confidence. “My method

it is dialogue, the search for compromise.

At the same time, the French would not understand that we were blocked,’ she said.

Increased working hours for managers

In addition to pensions, the survey also points to

managers’ working hours:

20% work more than 49 hours a week – an increase of five points from the last barometer. As a reminder, the health alert threshold is set to 45 hours. According to UGICT-CGT,


although it fulfills the aspirations of managers, could be the reason for this increase by favoring atypical working hours, especially for women.

Finally, the purchasing power of managers has decreased:

the drop in wages reached 3.7 per cent.

for managers over a year versus 2.7% for employees. CGT explains it by saying that “leaders are

excluded from collective increases”,

quote again

France info.


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