Pays de l’Or / Positive food: ready for the Hearth Challenge?

A challenge to take on! (©HutchRock / Pixabay)

Is it important to you to eat well? Are you convinced that eating good, local and/or organic products necessarily costs more? So “Positive Food Household Challenge” (FAAP) may be of interest to you. It is an initiative of the Pays de l’Or in Hérault.

A challenge for everyone

Whether you are alone, as a couple or as a family, young or old, the purpose of this challenge is to concretely prove that it is possible to eat better without increasing your shopping budget. Led by the Civam Bio 34 Association and the Pays de l’Or Agglomeration, the FAAP Challenge gives citizens the opportunity to participate directly in building tasty, local and more sustainable food for all.

On the menu: pleasant activities, cooking workshops, dietary advice, visits, personal follow-up… A tailor-made program from October to May with a monthly meeting to help participants take up the challenge.

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