Paris: a lawyer in police custody for drunk driving and possession of a false license

A Parisian lawyer, member of the Council of the Order, was placed in police custody Monday afternoon at the police station on Boulevard Bourdon (4th arrondissement of Paris) for involuntary injuries by a drunk driver, refusal to comply and possession of fakes, learned Le Parisien from concordant sources.

At the end of his hearing, about twenty hours later, this criminal lawyer received a summons to appear on prior admission of guilt (CRPC) – a procedure called “plead-guilty” – scheduled for next December. But only the counts of involuntary injuries by driver in a state of intoxication and possession of a false administrative document were retained, confirms the Paris prosecutor’s office.

The facts took place Monday afternoon, around 3:30 p.m., at the intersection of boulevard Boudon and rue Saint-Antoine. A police officer was conducting a neighborhood investigation when he was reportedly hit in the arm by an electric scooter mounted on the sidewalk. “This policeman was in civilian clothes and off duty. The scooter touched it with its rear-view mirror, ”says a source familiar with the matter.

The lawyer and the policeman slightly injured

The official, slightly injured, immediately presented his police card and showed his armband, in order to proceed to the control of the driver, who was in a state of obvious intoxication. But according to a police source, this criminal lawyer at the Paris bar refused to present his papers, arguing that he was a lawyer. After photographing the scooter, the policeman seized the lawyer by the arm, ordering him to follow him to the police station.

Still according to our police source, the driver then restarted his machine, dragging the officer for three to four meters. Before ending his race in a flowerpot, injuring his lip. “This policeman has never been dragged several meters. The respondent, on the contrary, stopped spontaneously, ”protests this source familiar with the matter. “He made no attempt to flee. He is not, moreover, dismissed for refusing to comply, ”she underlines.

The lawyer was then arrested and taken into custody. At 4:20 p.m., his blood alcohol level was 0.56 mg per liter of exhaled air, or 1.28 grams per liter of blood. The results of the saliva test – supposed to detect the taking of narcotics – were however negative. In addition, the lawyer was in possession of a driving license which turned out to be false (his scooter, of small displacement, could however be driven without a licence). “This is a duplicate of an old license used for a play,” says our source. “This document was not used: the police found it in his bag. »

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