Our 4 tips for getting cheap young car insurance

It is not new that when you have just got your driving licence, you are considered to be a young driver. This status is maintained for three years in connection with a classic driving lesson, and for two years if you have chosen an early driver’s apprenticeship, also known as “accompanied driving”. This means that the car insurance that you choose will consider you as a “young driver” for the period that concerns you.

In other words, car insurance needs you to prove to them that you are a reliable and serious driver because you have no concrete experience and therefore no bonus yet (or malus, even if you don’t want it). In short, she is betting on you, and if it turns out that you are not careful on the road and that you accumulate collisions, it can cost her dearly. This is why car insurance for young drivers has significantly higher prices than conventional car insurance intended for a more experienced driver.

Does this mean you have to go broke to insure yourself in your first few years of driving? Not necessarily. There is cheap car insurance for everyone, even young drivers, but you have to take the time to find it.

I find the cheapest young driver insurance

How to get young car insurance at the best price?

Paying too much for your young car insurance is not inevitable. Here are some recommendations to help you find the best car insurance for you.

take time to compare

The first mistake not to make is to immediately jump on the first car insurance for young drivers you find on your way. Insurance companies know that drivers do not have an unlimited budget, and this is even more the case when they start on the road. This is why most insurance companies try to play the competitive card.

To make it easier for you to findyoung car insurance, you can use the Parisian insurance comparator. Particularly complete, it allows you to provide very precise information about the driver and his experience, but also about the vehicle, to show the most relevant results possible. You can thus use it to get information, but also to make your choice, as it is possible to make an appointment or even register immediately online for the most interesting car insurance for you. The best car insurance may be waiting for you through this search method.

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Find out about the average price of insurance for young drivers

Currently, the average price of insurance for young drivers is around 1000 euros per year. This is a particularly significant budget, which necessarily weighs on the budget of a student (and his parents) or a young worker.

Depending on your vehicle, you can try lowering the note. If your car is a used car that is already several years old and has not cost you very much, you can choose to insure it with a third party. This basic offer is the minimum coverage and is cheaper than the others. Third-party insurance protects you in the event of physical and bodily harm that you could cause to a third party if you were responsible for an accident. On the other hand, the third-party insurance does not offer you anything else.

Intermediate insurance, also known as “third plus” or “extended third”, is slightly more expensive but offers some additional benefits. In particular, there is an enhanced civil liability guarantee. In general, your car is also protected against damage caused by bad weather, but also against theft, fire or explosion of the vehicle.

Finally, all-risk insurance is the most expensive, but also the most comprehensive. With it, you are insured against all damages and all accidents, even when your liability arises. You are also covered during hospitalization. It’s a choice made by people who have a new or almost new car, who drive a lot and don’t want to leave anything to chance.

Understand what a “young driver” is

The young driver is a driver who had his driving license less than 3 years ago as part of a regular driving lesson, or less than 2 years if he had the benefit of accompanied driving. This solution allows students to learn the Highway Code from the age of 15, with driving lessons provided by a driving school. From the age of 16, the student can drive a car accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Since he has driven longer and has passed his license with several thousand kilometers on the clock, the “young companion” is only “tested” for two years instead of three when he has not benefited from advanced driver education (AAC). However, this does not mean that the car insurance companies are more lenient towards him on the price side: he only switches to standard driver status after a shorter period of time.

There is another solution to reduce the duration of “young driver” status: this requires the follow-up of additional training between the 6th and 12th months after obtaining the driving license. However, this has a significant cost and is not always profitable compared to the price of insurance.

Finally, it is important to know that a young driver has a test driving license, limited to an initial capital of 6 points. Each year the number of points increases to 12 at the end of the trial period. But for this, the young driver must not have had an accident and/or points deducted: if he loses his 6 points, he can no longer drive for 6 months, and the insurance will most likely be even less generous with him at the price level.

Young driver: is it possible to drive your parents’ car?

It is entirely possible for a young driver to drive his parents’ car. The latter can do it with anyone, as part of the “flywheel loan”. However, to protect yourself in the event of an accident and avoid having to pay an increased deductible, which can be particularly steep, it is ideal to add the young driver as a secondary driver on the family car insurance policy.

Secondary driver status makes it possible to avoid the increased deductible, which is already an excellent point. But it is not the only one: as a secondary driver, the young driver gets part of the bonus back from his parents, and he will be able to prove that he has already driven under standard conditions when he takes out his own insurance. As a result, he will pay less for his car insurance even though he has never been insured by himself before. In summary, it can be a good strategy to start by driving the parent’s car to save money on car insurance.

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