Orange now includes a repair service in its mobile insurance

Orange has launched a new series of mobile insurance for its customers, which now includes a repair service. The operator’s desire to extend the lifespan of its customers’ mobiles.

There are many solutions to insure your smartphone against certain claims. You can either subscribe with your device’s brand (Samsung, Apple, Google, etc.) or with a third-party company or with your mobile operator.

In France, Orange is the leader in mobile insurance and has more than 1.5 million insured customers. In addition, the “24h Insurance” offer covers 90% of reported damages, the operator said in a press release.

And today comes Orange add a repair service to its new range of mobile insurancea service that was not previously available from the operator.

An environmental approach

Through this new series of mobile insurances, Orange wants to reduce the environmental impact of mobile phones throughout their life cycle.

“Any customer reporting a claim can request repair of their mobile instead of a systematic exchange. If the damaged mobile is beyond repair, a refurbished replacement mobile is offered.writes the operator in a press release.

How does the repair service work at Orange? The operator states that in case of breakage or oxidation, you can benefit from the repair service after declaring your claim and being accepted by your insurer. You will then need to send your mobile for repair, either to a repair center approved by Orange near your home, or via a relay point to a centralized repair center in France.

“The repair time is estimated between 2 and 24 hours for a local repair and around 5 days in the case of shipping”explains Orange.

Orange’s new series of mobile insurances

This repair service is included in Orange’s new range of mobile insurance. Here are the two new formulas in detail:

  • Personal mobile insurance offers: to insure a single mobile against breakage, oxidation and theft, with 2 approved claims per year. The service is billed monthly according to 5 rates depending on the range of the mobile: €2.99, €6.99, €9.99, €14.99 and €19.99 per
  • The family mobile insurance offer : to insure all household mobiles against breakage, oxidation and theft, with 3 permits per year at a single rate of €24.99 per month

Orange specifies that in the event of theft, it continues to offer a replacement mobile within 24 hours of accepting the claim.

In addition, in the event of breakage or oxidation, if you do not wish to have your mobile repaired, you can benefit from a mobile exchange within 24 hours. This service is billed according to the insurance level (price from €9 to €89).

“Smartphones have become very important in everyday life for our customers, who are increasingly aware of preserving their data and environmental aspects. By integrating repairs into its new offer, Orange Mobile Insurance is responding to a real concern. We are thus giving our customers a solution that allows them to preserve their data and reduce the impact of a disaster by extending the life of their smartphone.”

Guillaume de Riberolles, Marketing Director Financial Products and Services Orange France

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