Orange is integrating a repair service into its new mobile insurance range

Orange now offers a new range of mobile insurance including a repair service. Every customer reporting a claim can request repair of their mobile instead of a systematic exchange. If the damaged mobile is beyond repair, a refurbished replacement mobile is offered.

In case of breakage or oxidation, the customer is offered a repair solution after the declaration of loss and acceptance by the insurance company. The mobile can be taken care of in a repair center approved by Orange near his home or in a centralized repair center in France via a relay point. Repair time is estimated at between 2 and 24 hours for local repairs and approximately 5 days for shipping. The repair service is included in the two offers in the new series of insurances:

  • – The offer of Personal Mobile Insurance, which insures a single mobile against breakage, oxidation and theft, with 2 approved damages per year. The service is billed monthly according to 5 rates depending on the range of the mobile: €2.99, €6.99, €9.99, €14.99 and €19.99.
  • – The Mobile Family Insurance offer insures all household mobiles against breakage, oxidation and theft, with 3 approved claims per year at a single rate of €24.99/month.

In the event of theft, Orange continues to offer a replacement mobile phone within 24 hours of accepting the claim.

In the event of breakage or oxidation, the customer, if the customer does not wish to have his mobile phone repaired, can benefit from a mobile phone exchange within 24 hours. This service is billed according to the insurance level (price from €9 to €89).