only 31% of the French are ready to pay 1.50 euros for their baguette

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According to an Ifop survey for JDD, the increase in the price of bread does not go down well with public opinion, as only 31% of French respondents say they are ready to pay €1.50 for their baguette. A sum that already appears in some bakeries, confronted with sky-high energy and raw material prices.

1.50 euros for a baguette. A reality that may prevail in the coming weeks, according to estimates from the National Confederation of French Bakery and Pastry (CNBPF). Stifled by soaring energy prices combined with rising raw material prices, many bakers may have to cross this symbolic bar. Nevertheless, according to an Ifop survey regarding JDD, the French are not yet prepared to accept such an increase. 69% of them say they are not ready to pay such a sum for their daily baguette, the price of which is 95 cents on average.

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Logically, the wealthy categories want to be less refractory. 51% of the French who belong to this fringe would agree to pay for their bread at a price of 1.50 euros, against only 23% of the lower categories. Differences also occur according to the geographical era considered. Thus, the rural population complains more about this increase, as only 26% of the respondents are willing to accept this increase. A figure that rises to 39% in the Paris area.

Finally, it is worth pointing out the differences observed according to the respondents’ political preferences. Supporters of the presidential majority are among the least contentious (41% likely to pay €1.50 for their baguette), while those of rebellious France (27%) and the National Rally (20%) are few in number to step down to it. Hugo Lasserre, researcher at Ifop, sees “possible breaks” between the executive board and the opposition regarding “daily purchases”.

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