On the way to a graduation of the social security fund rules

The text in consultation from Monday 17 October gives the board the opportunity to change the rules for unemployment insurance by decree, without prior negotiation, therefore this consultation, which will be carried out quickly with the employees’ and employers’ unions, which, among other things, the government knows, it would not have been possible to reach an agreement.

The management therefore wants to find a way to get more job seekers to return to work by adapting the rules for social security benefits to the economic situation. When the indicators are good, the rules become stricter, and they become more flexible again when the situation worsens.

The rapporteur of the text at the National Assembly, Marc Ferracci, former adviser to the Ministry of Labour, requests that the graduation be decided according to the unemployment rate in the sense of the ILO (International Labor Office). A rate that is now 7.4% of the active population in France. Another question raised: Should we have the same rules for all of France or make them territorial? Debate there too, not yet decided.

Once the criteria are established, how will the compensation rules evolve? There is a lever that the government has already promised not to activate: It is the amount of unemployment benefits. This amount will not decrease. On the other side, there are two levers that the director can activate. The first: it is playing on the conditions of entry into the regime. Today you must have worked 6 months out of the last 24 months. And then reduce the duration of the compensation. Today a maximum of 24 months, up to 36 months for jobseekers aged 55 and over.

Olivier Dussopt does not hide the fact that he would like to reduce this duration of compensation for especially seniors because, according to him, it is an incentive not to hire older job seekers. Regardless of the final indicators used to activate this graduation and the modulation itself, the government’s logic is clear: there is a link between unfilled jobs and the rules for compensation for health insurance, unemployment, and therefore it is necessary to tighten them when the country’s economic situation improves. .

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