Omar Sy: why he chose to go into exile in the United States with his family

On the occasion of the release of the film Skirmishersgave Omar Sy a long interview to Psychology magazine. The actor confided in particular to his family and the reasons why his tribe chose to go into exile on the other side of the Atlantic.

Native of Trappes in Yvelines, Omar Sy has lived in Los Angeles since 2012 with his wife Hélène Sy and their five children. It is even in the United States that the family’s youngest, Amani-Nour, was born in 2017. But initially Fred Testot’s ex-acolyte had no intention of leaving France for so long: “When we left to live in California with my wife, Hélène and the children, we just wanted to spend a year in the sunhave a good time and come back“, trusted Psychology magazine who played along Untouchable, Belleville Cop, Samba or the series Lupine.

And if he finally decided to extend his stay, it was because the experience turned out to be more positive than expected for him as well as for his wife, for Selly (21 years old), Sabah (19 years old), Tidiane (16 years old). years old) and Alhadji (13 years old): It worked much better than we imagined. There were job opportunities, we felt good there, we found some kind of relief from what we had just experienced in France. Over there, infamy is sweeter”he explained.

A step to protect yourself and your family

A year before leaving for the USA, Omar Sy was highlighted by the film Untouchable, in which he replied to François Cluzet. Thanks to this feature film, he notably won the César and the Crystal Globe for Best Actor and gained a new fame that upset his balance: With the success of Intouchables, the look on me has changed. I went from ‘Omar and Fred’ to ‘Omar Sy’ and I wondered what I could do with this new status. I needed to protect my children. To protect me. So I distanced myselfsaid the one there “completely assume” his quarrels.

In 2014, in the columns of The Obshe had previously spoken about the impact of his celebrity status on his children’s lives: “When I drove them to school, I felt that I was no longer their father and that they were only Omar Sy’s children. They had begun to lose their first names. I came to invade their space, the school, this place where they must flourish”. The US therefore let the whole family breathe.

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