November 13: “Salah Abdeslam did not hold a Kalashnikov and did not shoot any victim”, plead his lawyers

They are the ones for whom the room has filled up again. Those who have been defending for ten months the flagship defendant of this river trial, Salah Abdeslam, under the threat of the highest penalty in the Penal Code, required by the national anti-terrorism prosecution: life imprisonment. This Friday, June 24, the final day of defense pleadings before a verdict scheduled for Wednesday, My Olivia Ronen and Martin Vettes carry the voice of the only survivor of the November 13 commandos for the last time. To rebel against these “excessive” requisitions which would like to “sanction him as a symbol”. Who would like “the executing deserter at the end of the chain” to be punished on the same scale as “the mastermind of the attacks”. “You want to die for ideas, okay, but it will be a slow death,” squeaks Me Ronen.

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