Newcomers are ready to work

The employers at the Montreal Job Fair practically agree: they are betting on newcomers to fill vacant positions.

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Several newcomers present at Quebec’s largest job fair say they want to help reduce the labor shortage affecting the province.

“It’s a land problem that needs to be solved, that’s all,” explains Saloua Gbilou, who arrived from Morocco two years ago.

Fresh from the École de technologie supérieure, she heard outgoing minister Jean Boulet say that 80% of the first arrivals speak English and settle in Montreal.

“In Morocco, we work in French, we write in French. I do my higher education in French,” she explains.

Emma Goutondji, who originally comes from the Ivory Coast, is not betting exclusively on Montreal.

“I am looking for a job. If I find a job that is interesting for me and my spouse, why not,” she says.

A survey conducted by Career Events shows that 84% of employers here believe that a new workforce is a necessity.

“We are in inclusive mode, diversity. So for us everyone is welcome here,” says Émilie Chartrand, who came to recruit for La Cordée.

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