new sentence for the driver who “continues to respect nothing”

“Now you have to be serious, otherwise you will have to sleep in Metz-Queuleu next time”, snaps Me Olivier Siutryk to his client. In the Longwy Industrial Tribunal room, this forty-four from Ville-au-Montois awaits the decision of the Valdobriotin court on the occasion of the second fair hearing of the year.

Eight months are required

In the past, the defendant and his unrepentant traffic offenses have annoyed Catherine Galen, public prosecutor. The public prosecutor’s representative requested a prison sentence of 6 months and the cancellation of a previous suspended sentence of 2 months. Everyone in the home under electronic surveillance (DDSE).

The conditions for which the quadra is on trial were committed at the beginning of the year in Mont-Saint-Martin. During a traffic check, the police found that the defendant was traveling with expired temporary number plates and without insurance. In addition, driving under the influence of drugs has been noted.

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Cannabis under the tree?

The defendant tried to justify himself: “I am having my unemployment seized to pay my previous fines. I had no money to do my car registration and my insurance was canceled due to non payment. But Catherine Galen quickly brushed the explanation aside: “You say you don’t have money to pay your fines, your car registration document and your insurance, but you prefer to buy euphoric drugs! The defendant immediately corrected himself: “No, no, hash is from the end of the year. It was given to me. ” Immediate reaction from the prosecutor: “Ah, at your place, is there hash under the tree? »

The explanation for the prosecution’s zero tolerance must be found on the side of the defendant’s criminal record and his 9 convictions for traffic offenses in the country at the three borders. “Monsieur does not draw any consequence from French, Belgian and Luxembourg court decisions,” criticized Catherine Galen. The court finally sentenced the forty to 6 months in prison in DDSE.

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