New cars: sales price up 18% over 12 months

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The price of new cars has risen steadily over the past two years. Over the past 12 months, the increase has actually reached 18%. What accounts for this increase in the average car sales price? What should we expect in the coming months? Answer with

The price of new cars is increasing more and more

According to a study conducted byArgusthem prices of new cars increased €19,800 to €26,800 Between 2010 and 2020. A fairly significant increase that has persisted over the past two years: according to Olivier Hanoulle of strategy consultancy Roland Berger, the average selling price of new cars has actually increased by 18% over the last 12 months.

Besides, that’s all the car marketboth new and used, which are facing an increase. The echoes reports the words of Flavien Neuvy, director of the Cetelem Observatory, a structure for studies and economic intelligence:

Since 2001, it has moved twice as fast as inflation and at least four times as fast as median household income.

The reasons for the increase in the price of new cars

This price increase due to various reasons. In the last two years, car manufacturers have actually faced many problems namely:

  • Lack of semiconductors;
  • The increase in the price of raw materials;
  • Logistical problems related to the war in Ukraine.

In additionincrease in energy prices. The echoes report the words of Alexandre Marian, CEO of AlixPartners, a financial consulting firm:

Companies in the sector certainly do not pay the spot price for electricity or natural gas: most have more or less long-term contracts. But according to our index, producer prices have risen since 2019 by 67% for electricity and 130% for gas. It is colossal, and it will end up being passed on in the price of raw materials and in car assembly.

The switch to electric cars is also important for this price increase. The latter is actually about 30% more expensive than cars that run on fuel.

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