Netflix finally responds to Elon Musk’s accusations of wokism!

In a tweet posted in April 2022, Elon Musk claims that “the woke virus makes Netflix unwatchable”.

Elon Musk shares the opinion of many users, to want to be too inclusive, Netflix has fallen into caricature… For the very first time, the leaders of the platform are responding to these criticisms. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

“The woke virus makes Netflix unwatchable”

Leader of the video on demand market, Netflix has seen the birth of many competitors. Disney+, Prime Video or even HBO Maxhard to find…

If the platform continues to impose itself, it is today faced with some difficulties. More and more subscribers are deserting it! Eh yes…

In the first quarter of 2022, it has thus lost several thousand. This is of course explained by the emergence of other platforms, but not only.

Many people have subscribed to the service for the explosion of the pandemic. Locked up for long weeks, they had no other means of escaping than to watch films and series.

Since then, the health situation has stabilized and citizens around the world have returned to a semblance of normal life. You will no doubt have understood that Netflix had not foreseen the massive dropout of this part of its customers…

The very famous American company has also given up on a huge market. She positioned herself on the conflict between Ukraine and Russia and suspended its activities in the latter country.

For some, this loss of speed is due to another point. Elon Musk said on Twitter in April 2022, “woke virus makes Netflix unwatchable”.

The platform tries to become more inclusive and therefore features many minorities. This sometimes gives rise to somewhat… caricatural programs. MCE TV tells you more!

Leaders take the floor

The AJM is gone Meet Netflix Executives. The latter then wanted to respond to those who accuse them of “wokism”.

“For some, we’re too woke, for others, we’re not enough. You can’t please everyone, says Anne Gabrielle Dauba Pantanacee, director of com.

“We leave both artistic freedom to creators and choice to our subscribers, she explains then It is important to remember that the content is not imposed on you. You are free to watch or not. »

She then adds that “The subject of inclusion and diversity is very complex. Either we are accused of doing too much or of not doing enough. When we pretend to want entertain 222 million people in 90 countries in the world, we try to ensure that there is a variety of content that can appeal to as many people. »

For Netflix France, “the world of audiovisual and the movie industry is not diverse enough”. The platform moves forward as it “there is a glass ceiling for access to talent from all walks of life”.

Other news, Netflix could launch a cheaper subscription, but with advertising, before the end of the year. Yes, you read it correctly!

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