Near Argentan. He was going to a fireworks display, drunk, without a driver’s license and without insurance, before fleeing

The Judicial Court of Argentan (Orne) sentenced a resident of Sevrai to four months in prison for fleeing a police check while drunk and driving without a license and without insurance. ©Le Journal de l’Orne

A man was convicted of Argentinian courthouse (adorns) for driving without a license, without insurance and under the influence of alcohol and fleeing from police control.

Four months in prison and a fine of €360 is the sentence handed down this Tuesday 12 October 2022 at the court in Argentan.

Going to see a fireworks display, a resident of Sevrai left behind the wheel of his Alfa-Romeo, even though his driving license was suspended, his vehicle was not insured and he had not carried out the technical inspection.

When the gendarmes invite him to stop, he refuses to comply.

This 15 August 202220.10 in the city Robbedthe driver refused to stop at the command of the gendarmes and fled in the direction of La Ferte-Mace.

1.62 g/l of alcohol in the blood

However, he will soon be arrested.

Subjected to the various screenings, he will be positive for alcohol and will show a rate of 0.81 mg/l of exhaled air (i.e. 1.62 g/l blood).

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At the helm, the defendant admits to having “panicked”.

This will be his only explanation.

That night he reportedly drank several whiskeys and beers before driving.

His criminal record bears traces of four convictions for similar acts.

“For a trifling reason, in order to witness a fireworks display, in a very short time, the defendant will commit a whole series of offences, even if he was under the cover of a suspended sentence”

The State Attorney

It provokes an assumed behavior on the part of the person in question, who makes fun of court decisions.

As repression, she requests a prison sentence of four months without adjustment, the cancellation of her driving license with a ban on taking it again within a period of ten months and a fine of €60 in addition to the confiscation of the said vehicle.

Julien XXX, 36, will finally be sentenced to four months in prison, a fine of €300 for refusing to comply, in addition to the cancellation of his driving license, the ban on taking it again within six months, another infringement fine of €60 and confiscation of his car.

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