National Assembly: LR deputies “in opposition”, but “not ready” to vote censure – 2022/10/25 at 12:54 p.m

LR’s refusal to vote for Nupes and RN’s motion of no confidence drew criticism from the far right.


The Republican deputies are “resolutely in opposition”, without going so far as to vote for the motions of no confidence put forward by Nupes and the RN to overthrow the government, assured several LR directors on Tuesday, October 25.

“We have to control the weather and I think today we are not ready”, explained the candidate for the presidency of the Republicans and leader of the LR in the Senate, Bruno Retailleau, d.

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“We are in a moment after the failure of the presidential election, which is a moment of weakness.

Why would one choose this weak moment to do hara-kiri?

“, he continued, taking into account that “the vote of no confidence, it would undoubtedly be a dissolution, again a Macronist majority – even relatively – in the National Assembly, and we would not have advanced an iota”.

“Rebuilding an Alternative”

“We need to rebuild an alternative, an alternation, a responsible, serious project. I am working on it, we are going to move forward step by step, but we are not obliged to go through the steps of others”, pleaded for his side . Éric Ciotti, also a candidate for the presidency of LR.

The votes of no confidence filed by the RN and Nupes, who responded to the government’s use of Article 49.3 of the constitution and intended to topple the government, logically failed on Monday night, as they could not count on the republicans to achieve an absolute majority. . Enough to arouse criticism of a right-wing party, which would have become “the crutch” in the presidential camp, in the words of the elected RN Alexandre Loubet.

A vote of no confidence in LR?

Marine Le Pen, who surprised by announcing that her group would vote for the Nupes proposal, “wanted to make a political coup, but the target is us,

it’s to be able to say ‘republicans support the government’

which is absolutely false”, denounced the interim president of the party and deputy Annie Genevard d.

the public senate


However, like Bruno Retailleau or the head of LR deputies Olivier Marleix, Annie Genevard did not rule out submitting a vote of no confidence later in the session if circumstances required it.

“If Emmanuel Macron really did not reform”, or if “the disorder was like that

that things must be reset democratically in an election

we would take our responsibility,” she said.


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