Nafarroa ready to bounce back against Salles

This is what Xan Etcheverry, Nafarroa’s three-quarter center, did not fail to do after the narrowly lost game (16-13) on Sunday in Mauléon: “We miss the start but we manage to react immediately. In the second half we completely took over. We dominate them on all impacts. But at the end of the match we are swatting each other because we are a bit grabbed by the throat and we lack clarity.”.

There was indeed a stake on Marius Rodrigo’s ground, between regional supremacy, that of the hen and, no doubt, the preservation of a certain self-esteem. We bet few teams will bring back a defensive bonus point from the Souletine lands. And also these few lessons: “We are still sending a good signal for the future, supporting number 12 Bas Navarrais, because we are well placed and we can win it as much as them. It is up to us to come back against Salles. “.

serious customer

It is precisely the essential team of Rooms that comes to the challenge, this Sunday with Adolphe Jauréguy. This training club, a permanent resident of the federal divisions, crowned with several national titles among youth, used to beat the Basque clubs and will face Nafarroa with the firm intention of getting close to the feat.

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