Mutuelle’s 2022 ranking: top 5

If the revenue of the first 30 mutual companies in our exclusive 2022 ranking (relating to the fiscal year 2021) is recovering somewhat from the previous year, their total net income, on the other hand, is on the negative side.

After a year 2020 disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, the financial statements of insurance companies and other mutuals were necessarily scrutinized for 2021.

Based on our ranking for this fiscal year, still marked by the consequences of the crisis, but also the end of the implementation of the 100% health reform, the first thirty mutuals in our panel experience a average revenue growth of 1.65%against a decrease of 0.93% the previous year. If the top 5 does not change and, apart from movement, should hardly develop in the short term, it should be noted that its own average growth is stronger, up to 2.83%.

Among the other indicators that appear in our ranking, however, it is the net result that deserves special attention: it is, for all 30 mutuals present, a decrease of 29%. This is all the more important for the top 5: from +10 to -31 million euros for Harmonie Mutuelle, from +61 to +23 million for MGEN, from -16 to -45 million for Aésio…

Rank Mutual Revenue in 2021 (in million EUR) Evolution 21/20


Mutual harmony




MGEN Group




Aesio Mutual




The General Mutual




Apivia Macif Mutual



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