Mutual family health: find the best with our comparison (average price, number of people, etc.)

Health is something that no one takes lightly, and this is all the more the case when you have children! Health problems and other incidents in daily life can occur quickly, and although not necessarily serious, it is better to be prepared for all eventualities. Health insurance usually covers many health-related expenses, but not everything is covered 100%, and this can quickly weigh on a household’s budget.

It is for this reason that it is particularly suitable to apply for family health insurance. This solution makes it possible to cover your entire family with a single contract, which is extremely easy to administer, but also economically advantageous. If you have a large family, this is even the most suitable suggestion! But how do you choose a good family health association? The process can seem complex. In reality, it is not very different from choosing a traditional mutual health insurance: it is basically about making estimates and finding the right balance between the budget to be allocated and the most suitable cover. If you are lost in these steps, we offer to help you with advice, but also with a tool that can be useful in finding the best family health insurance.

I find the best family health insurance

Why have health insurance for the whole family?

First of all, it is necessary to clearly define what a mutual health insurance family is: it can just as easily denote a couple, married or not, as a family with several children. Contrary to what you may think, you don’t have to have a large family to take advantage of the benefits of family health insurance!

In theory, having mutual insurance is not mandatory. But in practice it is common for your employer to impose one on you. However, if your spouse’s mutual insurance proves to be more beneficial, you can request to be exempted from taking out what your own company offers. This is an important point because not only does it allow you to have a total mutual, but in addition you are almost certain to save money.

Family health insurance is easier to administer

When you have health expenses for yourself, your spouse, and your children, it can quickly become very complicated to monitor reimbursements and send any necessary documents when each member of your household, or nearly so, has their own mutual. This kind of logistical consideration isn’t obvious at first glance, but it’s enough for the whole household to come down with the flu in the winter, for the youngest child to break his arm while riding a scooter, or for you to have your glasses replaced, and your organization is broken!

With a joint healthcare company for the whole family, everything is centralized in the same service, and you can track expenses and reimbursements in a single place. It is much more practical.

Family health insurance is cheaper

Insuring the whole family within the same mutual health insurance can also prove to be much more economical. This can already be seen for a couple: mutual insurance can cost up to 15% less in this context. In addition, they offer mutually advantageous rates for children, with greatly reduced contributions for infants and sometimes free from the third or fourth child. Savings for the whole family can exceed 20% per year in such a context.

Mutual family health: attention to special cases

There is still an important point to consider if you are considering choosing family health insurance: contracts of this type cover all members of the household in the same way. This means that if a person needs special medical treatment, for example for vision problems, then the whole family must be covered for this.

In a context of this type, it may be more interesting to choose a standard family fund for those members of the household who do not need special care, and consider a different contract for the person who does. It’s all a matter of financial balance: it’s up to you to decide.

What is the average cost of family health insurance?

The average monthly price of family health insurance in France is 92 euros for a household consisting of two adults and two children. This rate is that of an intermediate mutual insurance company, which covers essential day-to-day health needs but is unlikely to cover certain specific care such as vision. Dental care may also be limited. For more extensive coverage, you usually have to pay a little more.

It should also be noted that rates are likely to increase depending on the region of residence. In Île-de-France, they are on average 15% higher. In Brittany, Burgundy or Grand Est, on the other hand, family health companies are generally cheaper. But regardless of region, there are family companies that are cheaper than others. This makes the research process and preparation of offers even more important to find the best value for money.

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How do you choose your mutual according to the number of people in the household?

Whether you are a couple without children or have one or more, you can easily start looking for family health insurance thanks to the Parisian health insurance comparator. In a few minutes you can get a list of results based on offers from the best health insurance companies on the French market.

The Le Parisien comparator gives you a very complete form that can be adjusted according to the size of your family. Simply enter the number of children affected by your search to have additional lines added. For each child, the date of birth is requested. The form is intended to be more precise when it comes to adults in the household, but it makes it possible to accurately determine coverage for each type of expense.

One of the other benefits of the comparator is that it allows you to manually adjust the different warranty levels. If, for example, you want to focus on optics or dental care, but want to limit the coverage linked to possible hospitalization, you can adjust the levels. That way, you get a result as close as possible to what you can claim. If you are interested in one of the family health companies, you can start a subscription immediately: additional documents will be requested to validate your approach, and membership will be activated in most cases within a few days. Using Le Parisien’s mutual health insurance comparator is free and does not commit you to anything.

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