multi-business expertise for your insurance contracts

More and more companies are looking for partners who are able to support them in the long term in all their insurance matters via effective solutions.

As one of the top 10 insurance brokers in France, AGEO has a unique model and a vision of long-term success. Explanations from Charles-Philippe MOURGUES, Deputy Managing Director.

Network of multi-specialists

The AGEO Group’s model, created almost 40 years ago, was built around one culture: the culture of entrepreneurship. About forty employees interact according to their specialties to respond to all insurance questions for professionals and companies of all sizes. If autonomous and independent, the managers of these subsidiaries are part of a collective adventure. Each partner is supported in the development of their structure, especially in terms of back office issues, financial management and research.

The diversity of partner profiles and their multi-business expertise (health/welfare, pension, property insurance, etc.) make it possible to respond to the specific needs expressed by clients in order to provide them with the most suitable solutions.

Defend customers’ interests

AGEO assists companies of different sizes and activity sectors in advising, creating and managing their various insurance contracts with the best possible conditions. Thanks to its model and commitments, the firm manages more than 300 million euros in premiums, giving it real credibility with insurance companies.

With more than 700,000 beneficiaries for whom AGEO administers health and welfare services, daily customer satisfaction is at the heart of their service. This requires targeted recruitment of experienced profiles, a close relationship, long-term support and the use of high-performance tools. Unlike large parts of the market, which outsource to reduce costs, the group relies on a top-of-the-range and “Made in France” positioning, as 100% of operations are carried out locally.

Process automation

From the start of the group, the managers wanted to invest in IT. Today, around 30 collaborative IT specialists are working on the design and optimization of our digital solutions to automate the entire chain for the administration of insurance contracts.

HR procedures in particular are dematerialized and automated. For example, the company was a forerunner in a number of services such as the PREST’IJ standard (automated transmission of health declarations and pension flows).

In the event of a work stoppage, for example, AGEO acts as a third-party declaration with Social Security, sends all data to the HR team and pays the compensation directly to the employee in question.

The interest is threefold for our customers: reduction of the administrative burden, acceleration of processes and improvement of productivity. Combined with a customer-oriented organization (dedicated teams, commercial follow-up from the partners), our tools allow a differentiating and valued “phygital” approach.

Invest for the long term

The company’s experience, combined with real entrepreneurial know-how, enables the subsidiaries to thrive and their activity to last.

In that sense, the historical founders have decided to entrust the operational management to a management team, appointed in September 2022, which includes one of their daughters. In this way, AGEO maintains its independence while continuing to grow and preserve its DNA.

With an average growth of +10% (revenue of 32 million euros in 2021) and the opening of 4 to 5 subsidiaries every year, the group confirms the success of its model and is committed to supporting its customers in the long term. .

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