Montpellier: lawyers demonstrate for “professional secrecy, a right of the litigant”

Around sixty lawyers from the Montpellier bar gathered on the steps of the courthouse on Tuesday, November 16 at 11:30 a.m.

“There are not several kinds of lawyers, counsel and litigants. The defense is not divided. It begins with counsel before any procedure. Professional secrecy must therefore be fully mastered. of our clients is unworthy of the homeland of human rights.”

Against section 3 of the bill

Faced with the chairman Nicolas Bedel de Buzareingues and his megaphone, around sixty lawyers from the Montpellier bar gathered on the steps of the courthouse this Tuesday, November 16 at 11:30 a.m., in protest against the article 3 of the bill “for confidence in the judicial institution”, adopted in a joint committee on October 21. Project which was to be presented yesterday before the National Assembly and this Wednesday afternoon before the Senate.

The object of the offence: the calling into question of professional secrecy which is an essential rule of the legal profession, like the doctor with his patient. “We are contesting the position of the Senate, which gave in to pressure from Bercy, who wants it to be possible from now on to dig into lawyers’ files, rebels the former chairman Rémy Lévy. The senators added an amendment so that professional secrecy is no longer applicable in cases of tax evasion, acts of corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing. Introducing a notion in which the lawyer could be manipulated or subjected to pressure.”

“No more purpose”

A simple suspicion would be enough to launch an investigation. And that, the lawyers do not accept. “The text casts suspicion on the profession when we always advise respect for the law. If this text passes, it will affect companies, of course, but also ordinary people. It must be understood that if professional secrecy is for the lawyer an obligation is a right of the litigant. And if it is called into question, vis-à-vis our clients, we will no longer have a raison d’être.”

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