Montceau – They drove without insurance, two vehicles end up at the pound

At the request of the public prosecutor, the National Police of Montceau-les-Mines on Tuesday afternoon carried out checks on vehicles and two-wheeled vehicles, boulevard de Lattre de Tassigny. “We are here for visibility and prevention” specifies Commander Arnaud Plantard. Like stopping a Clio in particular to replace the gas cap that hung next to the fuel flap. “We were so afraid of not finding gas,” the passenger said, before thanking the policeman for his gesture.

It was a little less comfortable for two young people on a scooter. Beforehand, the pilot was not wearing gloves. He got a fine. But known to the police, he underwent a palpation, also the passenger. Even the helmets were carefully examined before the two young men could continue on their way.

On the other side, the road stopped the boulevard de Tassigny for a driver and a driver. They drove without insurance aboard a Fiesta and a Golf respectively. No reprieve, no insurance, so go to the pound for both vehicles.

It was even a repeat offense for the driver who was not even allowed to drive his vehicle. As for the second perpetrator, he was of course driving without insurance, but also under the influence of euphoric drugs. “I smoked weed 3/4 days ago,” he explained to the police, who showed him the positive test. He was taken to the police station for a saliva sample.



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