Mobile employees: ready to take on the challenge?

The world of work has been hit hard by a reality born of the COVID-19 pandemic. The exercise of a professional mission is no longer limited to the presence in the company’s offices. From now on, everyone is able to perform their tasks anytime and anywhere thanks to digital technology. According to a 2021 survey conducted by Ipsos for RingCentral, it appears that 62% of French managers believe that remote work is becoming the norm. Employees are the first to prescribe this paradigm shift. According to a study by Flexjobs, titled FlexiJobs Report: Statistics on the State of Remote Work for 2021, 97% of employees aspire to some form of remote work. Among them, 58% prefer to be full-time remotely, and 39% choose a hybrid work organization. 79% of participants in this study say they would be more loyal to their employer if they had access to flexible working arrangements. The question is therefore no longer whether to consider hybridization of organizations, but above all how to put it into place.

Changing uses

The more employees are nomads, the more their applications evolve. The reign of the all-computer is now called into question by the smartphone, the nomadic terminal par excellence, but whose reduced screen surface, as well as the tactile functionalities, lead to new ways of interacting, also between colleagues. Before they are employees, employees are citizens and consumers. However, in their daily lives, they have become accustomed to interacting with their loved ones via messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Messenger. The massive introduction of these means of exchange into the personal lives of employees accelerates the acquisition of instant messaging in companies. Bringing together team messaging, video and telephony, RingCentral’s unified communications solutions adapt to current uses and allow teams to ensure the continuity of their collaboration in all circumstances without impacting efficiency or performance. Working remotely, communicating with messages or video, sharing documents in collaboration solutions, so many possibilities that transform the very idea of ​​collaboration with newcomers to the labor market. Thus, the RingCentral survey reveals that 53% of 21-34 year olds believe they can establish relationships with their colleagues without meeting them in person!

Challenges to solve, an equation to solve…

As mobility imposes itself on the organization of work, it is a matter for companies to define the variables of the equation. First, it is important to ensure the continuity of communication without loss of context through the terminals and the means of exchange (message, video or telephone) to maintain a continuous conversation in one way or another. The employee experience must also be as fluid and consistent as possible, regardless of the device, location or application used to communicate. Implicitly two challenges: optimize business performance while allowing teams to communicate simply without multiplying the tools. The answer ? Uniform solutions that make it possible to switch from one terminal to another without interrupting exchanges. Because the real issue as employees strive to become increasingly nomadic isn’t limited to accessibility or connectivity. The key challenge is to enable teams not only to collaborate anywhere, but more importantly to do so without risking compromising security.

Ensure continuity and security in communication…

With the proliferation of remote exchanges, companies must be able to rely on reliable solutions to maintain employee productivity in all circumstances. As information circulates through multiple channels, terminals and workplaces, the issue of security also plays a central role. That’s why RingCentral’s unified communications solutions strive to meet these challenges with 99.999% uptime, equivalent to up to 78 seconds of downtime per call. quarter. Security is particularly guaranteed by a single authentication system (SSO), end-to-end encryption of video meetings and access control (password, virtual waiting room, etc.). Thanks to an identical interface on all terminals, employees find a familiar environment at all times, providing access to an ecosystem of tools and integrations with business applications such as Salesforce or Google Workspace. The vow ? Frictionless communication for the benefit of team productivity, at the convergence of collaboration solutions and telephony. Built-in integration of Microsoft Teams, business telephony functions integrated into the mobile application, optimized sound quality, so many differentiating elements that RingCentral offers.

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