Microsoft will challenge Google by integrating “ChatGPT” into its Bing search engine

We’ve learned that Microsoft plans to launch a new version of its Bing search engine that will use an artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT. According to The Information, the company hopes to do so by the end of March to make Bing competitive with Google.

Thanks to ChatGPT, Bing could deliver more human-like search results, not just links to certain information. Google, Bing and other search engines have long pushed more relevant information to the top of search results, but Google’s databases are particularly well-suited when it comes to finding information about people, places, organizations and things.

Microsoft’s use of ChatGPT-like features could help Bing compete with Google’s Knowledge Graph, the knowledge base Google uses to provide regularly updated instant answers based on web crawling and user feedback. But if Microsoft is ambitious enough, it can even go much further by offering many new types of AI-based features.

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