“Medicare and liberal doctors, the same team”

Thomas Fatôme, director general of health insurance (photo taken on May 5, 2015 in Paris). STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN/AFP

TRIBUNE – The Director General of Health Insurance is inviting liberal doctors to become partners in responding to the crisis of access to care that is shaking the territory.

Every day in France, more than 100,000 city doctors, general practitioners and specialists take care of 2 million patients. Every day there are hundreds of thousands of appointments, consultations, examinations, prescriptions that allow patient follow-up. From birth to the last moments, during life’s small and big accidents, in the follow-up of chronic diseases, private doctors treat our country’s patients.

Today we face a huge challenge: Fewer doctors, more patients. And this stranglehold threatens to suffocate our healthcare system. Should this lead us to build a response that does without liberal doctors? I do not believe that. First, because it would not make sense for patient care. So because there are answers. It is possible to regain lost ground and tomorrow guarantee access to a general practitioner for all and to provide all liberal doctors…

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