McLaren and Alpine ready to help Andretti and Cadillac into Formula 1

The application of a new team to participate in Formula 1 had been met with great enthusiasm by fans of the discipline and part of the fold, but the situation was much more opposite on the part of the Formula 1 authorities. The latter even declared several times in 2022 the arrival of a new team was not a priority for the discipline.

Another step for Andretti and Cadillac

The American team is led by the son of the only American Formula 1 world champion Mario Andretti, Michael Andretti, who manages the structure at the highest level of motorsport with IMSA and Indycar in particular. The latter is close to Zak Brown, McLaren’s CEO and knows that he can count on the help of this important figure in the fold to reach Formula 1. He had notably helped the American businessman to get to Indycar with McLaren a few years ago since.

“Zak has been a good friend and ally. He gives me advice and is there to help me. We help one another. I helped him a lot when he came to IndyCar. It’s a friendship that works both ways. » Says Michael Andretti to Forbes.

Alpine is also keen to help the American team enter Formula 1 over the next few seasons. With the support of two manufacturers (McLaren and Alpine), Cadillac and Andretti can count on strong units for their 2025 bid.

“Zak Brown and Alpine are two very good allies. »

“Zak will do everything he can to help us get there, as will Alpine” concludes the leader of the American team during an interview with Forbes.

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