Matter version 1.0 is live, Apple and Amazon are almost ready 🆕

Update 04/10 — It’s official, the Connectivity Standards Alliance has confirmed the release of version 1.0 of the Matter specifications, which required the joint work of 550 companies (including Apple, Amazon, Google, etc.). Test labs are now open for product certification, the development kit is complete, and ready-to-go builders can do so as soon as their products are certified.

Original news, 03/10 — The developers of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) have discreetly released version 1.0 of Matter! This final version was supposed to be available in 2021, but it took longer to refine, hence the delay of v1 to this fall. It is therefore done, although we are waiting for an official announcement.

Manufacturers are in the starting blocks, starting with Apple, which is a member of the CSA. iOS 16.1 is paving the way for compatibility with Matter, there was even a dedicated settings panel in a beta version of this version – it has since disappeared.

A look at the iOS 16.1 release notes nevertheless confirms that work is underway: Apple has identified a number of bugs related to Matter, but also fixes.

For its part, Amazon—another stakeholder in the Alliance—announced during its back-to-school event that the majority of its connected products would support the protocol from its launch; the others will require a software update that will be delivered in the coming months.

Amazon works with partners like Eve, Resideo, Hue and many more to enable simple and easy Matter experiences said Nick Weaver, CEO and co-founder of Eero (owned by Amazon). An Alexa Connect kit for Matter will also be available to simplify updates above the airand Amazon adds Frustration-Free configuration to the shared pool, which allows a device to be added to a network simply by plugging it in.


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