Marine Le Pen and her cats “ready for Christmas”: the amazing video

It is a release that is not not gone unnoticed. Marine Le Pen, who is more used to sharing photos of her passages in the media, of her interventions in the National Assembly or of her trips to the regions, surprised everyone by revealing a rather amazing video of her and two of her cats. This Monday, December 19, the former president of the National Rally shared on her Instagram account actual content in which we see her in a squatting position, surrounded by two of his felines, in front of his Christmas tree.Hi, is this tree beautiful? Looked! Can you see it there?“, asks the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, addressing her pet.

A few seconds later, while her cat sits quietly on a stool, Marine Le Pen decides to “pimp” her look by putting a Christmas wreath around her neck. “Look how beautiful you are! Oh how beautiful you are!“, she says, visibly moved, before laughing out loud.”Ready for Christmas“, wrote Louis Aliot’s ex, in the caption this unusual release, accompanied by the famous hit by Mariah Careh : The only thing I want for Christmas is you. A sequence that was probably recorded by a member of his team or by his friend and roommate Ingrid.

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Marine Le Pen and her passion for cats

During the last presidential campaign, Marine Le Pen warned voters that her faithful four-legged friends would follow her to the Élysée if she was elected. “I will always have my cats when I am President of the Republic“, she had declared in October 2021 on the waves of RTL. Passionately, the MP for Pas-de-Calais would have benefited from the confinement to get a professional cat breeder diploma. She could even make a career out of it. “I could stop everything. Do something else. A cat farm for example“, assured Marine Le Pen in the columns of parisian, in 2015. Watching himself grow old surrounded by his felines, she had confided in the relationship she has with them Paris Match “They are exceptionally intelligent animals. They give me deep joy, comfort me, give me a lot of sweetness in this world of thugs. The cat is never in conflict, it is an independent animal.

Image credits: Stephane Lemouton / Bestimage

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