Management of health insurance: La Mutuelle des FAR and CNOPS join forces


The Royal Armed Forces Mutual Fund (FAR) and the National Fund for Social Welfare Organizations (CNOPS) signed on Tuesday 20 December in Rabat an agreement aimed at strengthening their partnership and sharing their experience and expertise in the management of health insurance. Signed by Colonel-Major Slimane Tehmouni, Executive Director of Mutuelle des FAR, and Abdelaziz Adnane, Director of CNOPS, this agreement reflects the excellent historical ties between the two parties dating back more than 6 decades and reaffirms their commitment to succeed with the universal project. social protection, which enjoys the high regard of HM King Mohammed VI.

In the field of improving the services guaranteed by the two organizations and simplifying the procedures, the Mutuelle des FAR and the CNOPS have decided to set up a coordination committee whose mission is to exchange experiences in the field of digitization and simplification of registration procedures, ambulatory care and third-party payment, where the goal is to facilitate access to services and guarantee the protection of the recipients’ personal data. With regard to medical control, the directors of Mutuelle des FAR and CNOPS agree to coordinate their efforts in the areas of managing the situation of people with disabilities and people with long-term ailments.

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