Makobola residents first say they are ready to vote for Hope KAMANDA Delphin

The people of Makobola Premier, in the chiefdom of Bavira in Uvira territory, reiterated their commitment to massively vote for Professor Doctor Hope KAMANDA Delphin in the next legislative election in 2023.

This is at the end of an interview given to your editorial office on Sunday, October 23 of this year, during the visit of the delegation from this member structure of the Union for Democracy and Social Progress UDPS-Tshisekedi, rural federation of South Kivu.

For the head of this delegation, Mr. Jérôme KATONGO KISHAMATA, respectively coordinator of FEDK, their presence in this part of Uvira’s territory is justified in the interview with these inhabitants to finally assess their problems in order to bring possible solutions.

He also invited his countrymen to massively participate in their structure and support the person of Mr. Hope KAMANDA Delphin in the 2023 election because according to him he embodies the good faith in working for the development of Uvira. City and Territory.

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