magistrates, lawyers and clerks take their anger to the streets



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Wednesday, December 15, in the four corners of France, many magistrates, lawyers or even clerks beat the pavement to protest against their working conditions.

Everywhere in France, magistrates and lawyers were in the street to denounce a justice that they consider sick, Wednesday, December 15. In Lyon (Rhône), the demonstrators denounced the delays which accumulate for the problems of the daily newspaper, traffic offenses or violence. “Currently, when a file is ready to be presented to the magistrate for him to judge it, we cannot fix it before March 2023”says Anne Wyon, first president of the Lyon Court of Appeal.

Trials are sometimes postponed to the day of the hearing. “We are going to look at the files that we are able to deal with and which are the most urgent (…), those that will have to be sent back, because the hearing time is not enough to be able to absorb everything”, explains Laetitia Francart, prosecutor of Villefranche-sur-Saône (Rhône). In the Paris region too, the procedures drag on, and the judicial staff say they are overwhelmed. Some claim to make mistakes due to lack of time, or no longer being able to investigate certain cases.

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