Magali Berdah and Booba: their lawyers speak on the case between them

In a video unveiled by Brut this Thursday, July 21 on social networks, the lawyers of Booba and Magali Berdah have agreed to react to the case between their two clients. For the past few weeks, the rapper and the agent of influencers have been waging a media-judicial war where all shots are allowed.

The bomb went off last May. On social networks and in a long interview granted to the Parisian, Magali Berdah, the famous influencer agent, accused Booba of cyberbullying, claiming to be threatened day and night by the rapper and his virtual community. “Booba has already been sentenced to civil proceedings and his accounts deleted. But he created new ones. He’s untouchable, lives in Miami, and packs a punch, with 5 million Twitter followers.“, had explained the one who had filed a complaint in the process.

Then to add, in a real cry of warning: “From his account result hundreds of other Internet users who start harassing me, day and night, with death threats. It’s no longer a life, I haven’t slept for three nights. I’m just crying, I want it to stop“.

On Twitter, the rapper reacted quickly, explaining that he simply wanted to dismantle the system that makes influencers grow, a system in which Magali Berdah plays a major role. “We sincerely believe that people like you pose a threat to young people and to our children. We’re fed up with crooks, fed up with the wind, fed up with the fake. Make way for talent and creativity. Only positive“, wrote Booba on Twitter. In an endless war, the rapper finally decided to file a complaint in turn.

“Magali Berdah, a self-made Jewish woman, pilloried”

This Thursday, July 21, the lawyers of Magali Berdah and Booba granted interviews to Raw, in which they come back to the reasons that motivated their clients to wage this media-legal battle which no longer finds an end point. “Booba realized that in this system, everything is wrong. This system, quickly, took a name for itself which is Magali Berdah“, explains Maître Patrick Klugman, Booba’s lawyer. For his part, Maître Antonin Gravelin-Rodriguez, the influencer agent’s lawyer describes his client as “a Jewish woman, self-made success woman, pilloried on social networks“.

The latter also claimed that Magali Berdah received “tens of thousands of death threats, in particular of an anti-Semitic nature“and that this one had”had to move urgently“after his address was leaked.”We will show the public prosecutor what we understand of this system […] and we will ask everyone to assume their responsibilities. There is a system of influencers which consists of abusing people, selling them anything without any verification“, meanwhile decided Booba’s lawyer. A skirmish that has only just begun.

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