Magali Berdah accused of fraud by Booba, her lawyer defends her: “She is exemplary”

War has been declared and open between Magali Berdah and Booba for several days. Now it is in the hands of the courts. Discover the revelations of their lawyers.

Magali Berdah does not intend to drop the case. The latter is very upset against the rapper Booba whom she accuses, in particular, of cyber-harassment. Their war has gone far on social media. It is now the lawyers of the two public figures who take over.

It’s for Raw that they were kind enough to return to this case currently in the hands of justice.

Magali Berdah / Booba @DR

How it all began ?

Maître Patrick Klugman, Booba’s lawyer, said his client had been approached by a third party on the Web, who offered him to invest. He would then have realized that “everything was wrong”.

He thought he had an interlocutor, he encountered a system. […] This system quickly took on a name for itself, which is that of Magali Berdah and the company Shauna Events.

Very quickly, he then decides to denounce what he describes as fraud on social networks. He balances on product placements, dropshipping, not failing to involve Magali Berdah in this whole story.

Maître Antonin Gravelin-Rodriguez, Magali Berdah’s lawyer, denounces the relentlessness suffered by his client for several days now. He claims that it all started with a tweet from Booba revealing photos of a police report with client’s personal information.

There is a Jewish woman, success woman, who made herself, pilloried on social networks.

Several complaints filed

He went on to say:

She received tens of thousands of death threats, notably of an anti-Semitic nature, tens of thousands of insults, notably of an anti-Semitic nature. Her phone number was leaked so she received dozens and dozens of malicious phone calls and malicious text messages. Her address was leaked so she had to move urgently.

This led to Magali Berdah filing a complaint against Booba on May 24 for cyber harassment and call for hatred.

Magali Berdah thus managed to have the rapper’s Instagram account suspended. For its part, Booba collects as many testimonials as possible from Internet users who have been scammed by various brands who have used influencers. He then wishes to be able to expose everything to justice.

Magali Berdah’s lawyer said on this subject:

Ms. Berdah has never been implicated, from a judicial point of view, for fraudulent product placements, or for CPF fraud or whatever… She is exemplary. It’s just that it’s a new profession, it’s a new economic activity, which is recent, so you can’t do everything right the first time.

He added :

Obviously there are frauds in this environment, that dropshipping is reprehensible etc. But Ms. Berdah, as an influencer and as head of Shauna Events, has never been implicated for such practices.

If on his side, Booba sued for “public defamation”he also intends to file a complaint for “slanderous denunciation” according to his lawyer:

I can’t stand it if, in order to defend herself from what she does, what she organizes and what she profits from, Madame Berdah can accuse, for example, Booba of being anti-Semitic.

Justice will decide.

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